$9.99 Mini Calzone Friday - FILL UP FOR LESS!

Come join us! COLLEGE FOOTBALL $8 PITCHERS, NHL, NBA & College Football! Freedom Friday $9.99 Calzone Special!

SIP & SAVE TACO TUESDAY! ROCK’N BINGO@7PM, Bargain Priced Tacos, Coronas, & Margaritas, Sports Fans!

Destin FL Craft Beer Special at Landsharks Sports Restuarant
Craft Beer Tasting & $9.99 Burger Basket & Brew Mondays
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Search The Couch Cushions For Change & Eat Like A King Today in Destin! Mmmmm, that margarita sure is icy cold – and only FOUR BUCKS!

The Best Sports Bar & Eatery in Destin presents: HARD AND SOFT Tacos, CUSTOM-BUILT YOUR WAY (dine-in ’til 5pm with regular drink purchase). $2.50 Coronas & $4 House Margaritas go all day long!

WE’LL BE CRANKIN’ UP THE GOOD TIMES TODAY AT 7PM! Great music, a ton of bingo fun that brings a smile and a cheer as you rack up the wins. Classic Rock, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s Music Rounds, FREE TO PLAY, & WIN FREE PRIZES! Get energized, get some fun in your day at Landshark’s with ROCK’N BINGO! Pro Tennis, Pro Soccer, plus plenty of other Sports Broadcasts, Sporting News, Analysis, and Commentary!

Desitn Rock'n Bingo at Landsharks Free to Play Win Prizes

SPORTS ON OUR ARMY OF BIG SCREENS – HOT COLLEGE HOOPS ACTION #5 KENTUCKY vs MISS. STATE, #6 Baylor vs Texas, #17 Wisconsin vs Michigan, Ole Miss vs Tennessee, Arkansas vs Texas A&M, & NC State vs Pittsburgh on the buffet! NHL BLACKHAWKS vs AVALANCHE, PANTHERS vs FLAMES, & LIGHTNING vs DUCKS on tap! NBA ACTION with LAKERS vs NUGGETS, BULLS vs MAVS, & HEAT vs ROCKETS plus more! Add to that Pro Soccer, Pro Tennis, plus plenty of other Sports Broadcasts, Sporting News, Analysis, and Commentary!

NFL THIS WEEK: Conference Championship Sunday PACKERS vs FALCONS (2:00pm) & STEELERS vs PATRIOTS (5:40pm)! ***GET HERE EARLY – THE HOUSE WILL BE PACKED!***

Pro Tennis This Week: AUSTRALIAN OPEN from Melbourne!

PGA Tour This Week: CareerBuilder Challenge out of Cali – Jason Dufner defending with $5.8 Million up for grabs.


Don’t bother getting out of bed! AMERICA IS GREAT AGAIN BECAUSE WE BRING THE AWARD-WINNING FOOD TO YOU AT HOME (or vacation condo, etc.). Delivery starts during the lunch hour BRIDGE TO BRIDGE in Destin! Give us a call at (850)424-6743 for more info!

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Easy access by simply using your Mobile Phone when you go to our website or on Facebook using the ‘Menu App’ on the left hand side under Apps.

ENJOY A FULL SELECTION OF ADULT BEVERAGES & COCKTAILS – from Top Shelf Bourbons, Whiskeys & Vodkas, Scotch’s & Gins, Tequila’s & more to our Jester Series Daquiries & Margaritas. Local & Regional Brewery Beer selections, Domestic & Imports, and Wines.

What’s so great about TACO TUESDAYS? Well, nobody digs ‘Taco Monday’ – it’d be unAmerican. Mosey on down to Destin Harbor – Landshark’s Pizza Company, 300 HARBOR BLVD in Destin – call us (850)424-6743, and surf our website at www.landsharkspizza.com

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