Landshark's Pizza Company Destin, Florida

Award-Winning Food, A FULL BAR, Game Room, CIGAR & DOG-FRIENDLY Harborside Back Deck!


300 HARBOR BLVD next to Red Door & Boathouse! MUCH Larger Dining, a Full Bar, Outdoor Seating & Kitchen Areas, LOTS More Big Screen TV's for Sports Fans!

Proudly Owned and operated By Brian & Sue Hassmann - We Are Passionate About Pizza, Wings, Hot Fresh Subs, Awesome Burgers, Regular Drinks and Full Bar of Adult Beverages, and Our Other Mouth-watering Menu Offerings! Being At Landshark's Is Like Being With Family - Everybody's On A First Name Basis Here At Landshark's!

Hand-tossed, Brick Oven Pizza! Only The Freshest Ingredients - Our Sausage Is To DIE For! Watch Your Food Being Made - Talk To The Cook And Enjoy A Refreshing Drink While Your Food Is Prepared. Your Pizza Is Constructed With Passionate Care And Attention To Detail And The Ingredients Are Deliciously Fresh For A Memorable Taste Experience.

Landshark's Buffalo Wings Are Consistently Voted "BEST" In The Area. Try Our Rainbow Of Sauce And Rub Choices - Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot, Liquid Death (it'll put hair on your chest), Blackened, Seasoned, Chili-Lime, BBQ, Teriyaki, Caribbean Zing, Spicy Garlic, Garlic Parmesan, Brian XXX, and More!

Brick Oven Subs & Calzones

Destin FL Craft Beer Special at Landsharks Sports Restuarant
Craft Beer Tasting & $9.99 Burger Basket & Brew Mondays
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We have the best subs in Destin. We have a unique way to build your sub because we have both a flattop for grilling and a pizza oven to melt cheese and toast the bread. Once you have one of these Sandwiches I guarantee you will be back for more! All Subs are served with Fries or Chips.

$9.49 Hot Ham & Cheese

Just like the title says, this ones pretty Easy..We use our Awesome Canadian Bacon and pile on the Mozzarella Cheese on our Toasty Italian Bread

$9.49 Spicy Italian

If You like Spice you will like this. We take our Spicy Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Onions, and Melt Mozzarella Cheese all over our toasted Italian Bread. If you really want to turn it up a notch add  Banana Peppers or Jalapenos!

$9.49 Philly Cheese Steak

Our Most Popular Sub…We do it the Philly Way..We Grill chopped Ribeye Steak while we saute Onions, Green Pepper and Mushrooms on the Grill. Once its about done we add the Mozzarella Cheese and get it all Melty and add it to the Toasted Italian Bread..Get it my Way with Jalapenos sauteed into the mix..This Sandwich will keep you wanting more!

$9.49 Chicken Parmesan

Classic Italian Mix…We take our Tasty deep-fried Chicken breast tender meat and grill it up with some melted Mozzerela Cheese and our House Marinara Sauce Then Place it on our Toast Italian! A great change of pace if you have eaten wings and Pizza for 5 straight days!

$9.49 Meatball

Mmmmmmmmmmm – that’s-a tasty meat-a-ball-a!  Hot and steaming out of the oven, toasty sub and rich-tasting beef meatballs smothered in mouthwatering marinara sauce and oozing with mozzerella cheese.  Read it again.  Mmmmmmmmm.


$9.99 Mozzarella Cheese & Marinara Sauce

Each additional topping $1.00
Premium Toppings $2.00
All Pizza Toppings Available

Calzones are made with our fresh pizza dough


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