69¢ Wingsday & Bourbon Wednesday

Stuff yourself with the best wings in Destin - 69¢ Ea. All You Can Devour! TOP Shelf selections for $2 BUCKS OFF!


300 HARBOR BLVD next to Red Door & Boathouse! MUCH Larger Dining, a Full Bar, Outdoor Seating & Kitchen Areas, LOTS More Big Screen TV's for Sports Fans!

Proudly Owned and operated By Brian & Sue Hassmann - We Are Passionate About Pizza, Wings, Hot Fresh Subs, Awesome Burgers, Regular Drinks and Full Bar of Adult Beverages, and Our Other Mouth-watering Menu Offerings! Being At Landshark's Is Like Being With Family - Everybody's On A First Name Basis Here At Landshark's!

Hand-tossed, Brick Oven Pizza! Only The Freshest Ingredients - Our Sausage Is To DIE For! Watch Your Food Being Made - Talk To The Cook And Enjoy A Refreshing Drink While Your Food Is Prepared. Your Pizza Is Constructed With Passionate Care And Attention To Detail And The Ingredients Are Deliciously Fresh For A Memorable Taste Experience.

Landshark's Buffalo Wings Are Consistently Voted "BEST" In The Area. Try Our Rainbow Of Sauce And Rub Choices - Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot, Liquid Death (it'll put hair on your chest), Blackened, Seasoned, Chili-Lime, BBQ, Teriyaki, Caribbean Zing, Spicy Garlic, Garlic Parmesan, Brian XXX, and More!

Drink of the Day $1.00 OFF – Landshark’s Sour Apple Martini

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69¢ Wing Wednesdays
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Landsharks Pizza and Wings Drink of the Day - Sour Apple Martini

THAT’S A WHOLE DOLLAR OFF! One Hundred Pennies in your pocket – Retirement’s comin’ early!

So, one Mayan goes up to another Mayan and asks, “Hey, you wanna go to Landshark’s and get a Sour Apple Martini?” The other Mayan replies, “I’m working on this calendar, but I guess if I don’t finish it won’t be the end of the world.”

Pick up any history book and you’ll see quickly just how important the Sour Apple Martini is to this country. Ever seen a painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware? He’s sipping a Sour Apple Martini. Ben Franklin only flew that kite in the storm after a few Sour Apple Martinis. Abe Lincoln was crazy nervous before delivering the Gettysburg Address – so Mary Todd was like, “Bro, knock back one of these Sour Apple Martinis, brah.” The rest is history.

Show some appreciation for this great country for cryin’ out loud – belly up and try one o’ these delicious Landshark’s Sour Apple Martini’s for A BUCK OFF TODAY!

300 HARBOR BLVD – (850)424-6743 – www.landsharkspizza.com

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