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Circle of Champions – November Ghost Chili Hot Wing Challenge!

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Destin’s Bravest Wing Warriors Invade The Beach and Claim Victory!

Landshark's Pizza Co. November 2013 Ghost Chili Hot Wing Challenge WinnersWhat an exciting (and loud) time was had by all at Landshark’s Pizza Co. in Destin, Florida’s most recent Ghost Chili Hot Wing Challenge on November 22!

Sure, we know that Winter approaches and our beloved tourist season is over, and we know that there’s not much action going on at the beach with no tropical storms or hurricanes paying a visit to the region, but that doesn’t mean we locals should just lay down and forget about cherished traditions.  One sacred ceremony that marches forward with dauntless determination is our monthly hot wing contest, this one held on November 22nd, and we were privileged to have the attendance of two dynamic past champions – veritable masters of mastication, and a dauntless duo destined for enshrinement in the Buffalo Wing Hall of Fame…as soon as somebody builds one.  Until such time, the dry erase board up on the wall next to the fryers will have to suffice as a symbol of chicken chompin’ immortality.

Landshark's Pizza Ghost Chili Hot Wing Contest Wall of Kinda Famous

Upon that hallowed surface now sits a NEW RECORD shared by monsieurs Neil Sebree and Clay Redmond, neither of royal blood but quite beloved around these here parts.  These fine fellows endured the stunning heat of ghost chili hot wing sauce-slathered succulence with a time of 1 minute and 33 seconds with no puking and the Life Flight Helicopter remaining unused on standby.  What a titanic battle, a slobberknocker worthy of Pay-Per-View.

The resulting dual win meant lots of stuff for both dudes to drag home and put on the mantle above the fireplace.  You too can enjoy such generous offerings by registering for any of our monthly challenges.

Find a way to finish a meager 10 wings in under 10 minutes and prizes shall be yours!

To enter the challenge, find (and join) the Event on the Landshark’s Pizza Co. Facebook Page or call (850) 424-6743!

We regret to announce that we can no longer expend staff man hours searching for tongues that have run off, leaving past contest participants.  It is not our fault that your tongue is so sensitive and wants to leave you for another mouth.  If we happen to see your tongue out in town, we will text you and keep it cornered until you arrive.

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  1. Mary M. Martinez

    Just what I’ve been looking for, will give this a go, thanks

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