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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Destin Florida Best Calzone Landsharks Pizza Co
$9.99 Mini-Calzone 2-Toppings Fridays
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$2.50 Icy-Cold Corona Tuesdays At Landshark’s Pizza Company In Destin, FL

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Every Tuesday Is $2.50 Coronas – Icy Cold And Light On Your Wallet! After a long, hard day of work (with Hump Day looming on the horizon) or a sweaty-hot day at the beach, this is the perfect time to drop in and enjoy an icy cold, delicious Corona beer for only $2.50.  Corona goes

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Wednesday Wing-ding 59 Cent Wings All Day Long At Landshark’s Pizza Company

The most exciting hot wings special in Destin or anywhere else is 59¢ WINGS WEDNESDAYS at Landshark’s Pizza Company in sunny Destin, Florida… This Special has taken on a life of its own – a weekly social event that attracts the Locals but also visitors from all over the country.  Come in and Share all

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QUEEN of The Wings – April Hot Wing Challenge Winner!

ASHLEY SHOWS THE FELLAS HOW TO HANDLE GHOST CHILI HOT WINGS LIKE A BOSS! The Lady of Liquid Death Buffalo Wing Sauce Dominate The April Ghost Chili Wing Eating Contest! Landshark’s Pizza Company congratulates our new QUEEN OF THE WINGS: ASHLEY! Ashley showed the fellas how it’s done at the April 2013 Ghost Chili Hot

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Dare To Enter The April Ghost Chili Hot Wing Challenge!

EMBRACE THE LIQUID DEATH SAUCE! Masters of the Ancient Buffalo Wing Eating Kung-Fu Styles Will Decend Upon Landshark’s Pizza on April 19th – Be There To Witness It With Your Own Eyeballs! Goodness knows we don’t like to brag…more than usual…but we are so very proud to continue a Destin tradition for buffalo wing lovers

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